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Our success in the volatile healthcare industry can be directly attributed to the strong relationships forged with our customer base of orthopaedic surgeons, hospital administrators, physical therapists, and trainers.

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Meeting the need

Over the past five years, we have observed a trend of physician groups consolidating and building facilities that specialize in offering an array of services, OR suites, PT, MRI, and X-Ray. We recognize the need to monitor costs and streamline services and we are keenly aware of the benefits to managing your own affairs, both internally and for your patients. Our relationship with you and your staff is important to us, and for this reason we would like to share with you an opportunity to realize your goals and expand upon our successful business model of the past 20 years.

Integrating Opportunities

“Integrating Opportunities” is a plan that provides the structure support and “know how” on how to recapture patient care and resources for your patients and your practice. For your practice or facility some or all of the following services may apply:

  • Stock & Bill Insurance Billing

    The hassles of verification and reimbursement have most likely tempted you to refer patients to a third party supplier for orthopedic products – an inconvenience for them and an interruption of care for you. Pacific Medical provides an Insurance Billing Service to streamline verification and reimbursement, for any and all bracing and rehabilitative products whether consigned to your office or clinic or provided post-operatively to your patient. All this is encompased in the post-operative and stock & bill program. Pacific Medical can provide a comprehensive program designed to allow you to provide the products you want for your patients in the convenience of your office, without the concerns associated with reimbursement. We’ll take the responsibility for maintaining your inventory and billing the insurance company on behalf of the patient, leaving you to focus on patient care. Through the program, we will stock your office with the products you want from a full line of orthopedic soft goods. No more cash tied up in inventory. No more worries about uncollected claims and bad debt.
  • Post-Op Program

    Great products are useless unless they arrive at the right time, for the right price, even if that means delivery at home. Pacific Medical’s Post-Operative Home Rehabilitation Services do just that – provide a professional service representative to measure, fit and instruct the patient on product use. Consistent follow-up assists in compliance while keeping the physician abreast of all patient developments. Pacific Medical provides a professional service representative to measure, fit and instruct your patient on home use of CPM’s, braces, cold therapy and Pain Infusion therapy following a surgical procedure. We will provide for your patients, in the comfort of their home, any products and/or services that are available in the industry. We will handle authorizations, setup, collections and any and all service or product issues, promptly and efficiently.
  • O & P Program

    In an effort to provide you and your patients with the maximum amount of value and the ability to customize products for your patients, we can outfit for you a complete O&P “shop” in or near your facility. We will partner, hire and work with local O & P personnel at or near your facility to fabricate and modify custom or off-the-shelf bracing products. Custom foot orthotics, molded spine orthosis, KFO’s, AFO’s are but a few of the services that this opportunity can provide for your practice. Pacific Medical will bill for these services and will handle all interactions with the patient and his/her insurance company.
  • Retail Store Program

    For your patients that do not have DME coverage on their insurance plan, or have not met their yearly deductible or are cash pay patients, we would like to offer your facility the option of sending them to an in-house store of various and sundry Orthopedic products. The store also functions as a great alternative and location for weekend warriors, youth sports and the general public to purchase quality bracing, rehab and prophelatic products. This store will be set-up to your specifications, size, product mix and variety of sizing. Pacific Medical will purchase all initial inventories and will maintain par levels. Purchases will be by cash or credit card only and no patient information or RX will be required.
  • Pacific RX Dispensing

    This program allows you to dispense pre-packaged medications to your W/C claim patients. A formulary will be established that will be representative of your top 15-20 products used and the dosages most commonly prescribed. We will provide you with a “Lock Box” to store the products and a log for document dispensing. Pacific Medical will bill the W/C carrier. We will customize this program to minimize stock and reduce liability to you and your staff. Pacific Medical will purchase the initial inventory to implement this program.
  • Medical Surgical Products

    Do you use Orthopedic and general soft goods, gauze, needles, table paper, casting supplies, etc.? Tired of shopping around for the best price and the right vendor? We can provide these products and a variety of other office items to completely outfit your office. We have the ability to access over 200 vendors for pricing and availability of items A-Z in the medical field. Allow us to quote a list of your products and show you if this is a service that can offer value to your practice.
  • Imaging Solutions

    We provide cost effective, filmless radiology systems to orthopedic facilities using existing customer X-ray units, thereby avoiding costly system upgrades and equipment replacement. We provide management services, imaging equipment and financing solutions for orthopedic, medical and veterinary practices who are considering adding diagnostic imaging capability or expanding imaging services with modalities such as MRI, CT or Nuclear Medicine.
  • Physical Therapy

    This service provides treatment for sport-related, orthopedic, and occupational injuries. Industrial programs include, but are not limited to, injury prevention, job-site analysis, functional capacity evaluations, and work tolerance screenings. The plan of treatment includes: therapeutic exercise, gait training, and functional mobility training, but it mainly focuses on education for the patient and caregiver. The program is directed toward the goals of building strength; decreasing pain and swelling; increasing range of motion; and improving balance, coordination, endurance and function.
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