Pacific Medical, Inc.

Pacific Medical, Inc.

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We are proud to represent over 150 in-house support personnel to provide the customer service and follow-up necessary to ensure consistent and reliable processing of all orders.

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Building permanent relationships...

Pacific Medical Hospital Partnership solutions are designed to support hospitals, facilities, and systems with the outsourcing they need to reduce costs and increase patient quality of care.

Through the Pacific Medical collaborative hospital partnership program we combine expert knowledge with medical applications to gain the trust and confidence of our customers, and help them manage their outsourced services.

  • Positive outcomes
  • Credentialed staff support
  • Patient Insurance Billing
  • Service facilities across the West and Northwest

Hospital Solutions

By having Pacific Medical provide state-of-the-art clinical support, physicians and hospitals can improve services to patients including DME, orthotic and prosthetic programs.

Minimizing Costs

With the increase cost of medical care and the reductions in medical reimbursements, Pacific Medical can help reduce the material cost by 50 - 75% and become the solution you refer your patients to for orthopedic durable medical equipment (DME) needs.

By placing DME into your location and having Pacific Medical service your patients with their prescribed needs, we will help you save money, enabling you to focus these savings to other areas.

  • Field-tested therapeutic solution
  • Competitive pricing for Medicare/Medicaid in-patients
  • Cost reduction in overhead time

  • Pacific Medical takes full risk on O&P/DME medically necessary product costs for all outpatients and commerical insured in-patients

Positive Results

Clinicians, hospitals, and healthcare groups turn to Pacific Medical for value-added customer focused solutions. Pacific Medical simplifies DME services without sacrificing provider oversight or patient quality of care. Pacific Medical Hospital Partnership program meets all local, state and federal regulations, and is accredited nationally.

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